2022 Announcements

The 19th Annual Blacksmith Art & Renaissance Festival
will be held on October 1st, 2022
at Riverfront Park Fitchburg Massachusetts

The deadline to pre-register is September 23rd, 2022. On-site registration will be an added $25.00 fee if extra kits are available.
2022 Forms will be available next August – September

2022’s Live demonstration will be held by Beth Holmberg

Beth Holmberg is a renowned blacksmith who has trained hundreds of blacksmiths worldwide.
( Photo from the San Diego Union Tribune)
“In Northern Europe, some skilled craftspersons still embrace these old ‘guild’ clothing designs.  We bought these journeyman trousers on a trip to Denmark years before I finished Level III.  My spouse Sarah hid them and presented them to me when I had earned them!” -Beth
Beth demonstrated at the first in-person event in 2 years in California last year 2021

Beth Holmberg (she/her)

Photo Credit to Barbara Altevers

Beth is a Journeyman blacksmith, and she is one of the first groups of ABANA National Curriculum Instructors. She spent 20 years in blacksmithing education and teaching with the California Blacksmith Association. She has performed demonstrations in many incredible places like Yosemite and Argentina. She taught even when she didn’t speak the native language.

“I prefer forging things people actually handle, like cooking ware, woodworking tools, or hardware. I’m also trying my hand at historical reproductions, particularly 8-11th C and 18-19th C.”

Beth claims that the most incredible thing she has ever forged was rivets and tools for the proper reconstruction of the only buried Viking ship found in Denmark. 

“My passion and skill lie in teaching, especially traditional methods, and efficient techniques, and my greatest goal as a blacksmith is to teach others to become better than me.”

Festival Entertainment

Knights of lord Talbots

This Years Blacksmith art and Renaissance Festival would not be complete without our entertainers, The Knights of Lord Talbots. They are a nonprofit education-based reenactment group featuring unscripted armored combat demos and a historical encampment dating from the end of the Hundred Years War.

This year’s festival will include unscripted armored combat demos, belly dancing, whip demonstrations, and vendors selling everything from swords to jewelry. Demonstrations are free to watch. It’s fun for the whole family to enjoy.

If you and your family are interested in learning more about the Knights of Lord Talbots or other renaissance events happening in your area that they are a part of, please check them out on their social media platforms.

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